Home Energy Solutions

No-Cost Virtual Pre-Assessment: For a limited time only, sign up for a virtual pre-assessment for Home Energy Solutions and receive self install energy saving products to lower your energy use. Once on-premise services are reinstated, you will also receive no-cost in-home services for participating in the virtual audit.

The benefits of having an energy-efficient home.

  • NEW no-cost. Receive up to $1,000 of on-the-spot service.
  • Save money. You will notice savings on your energy bills each month.
  • Comfort. Imagine a comfortable home without hot and cold spots throughout the seasons.
  • Value. Having an energy-efficient house is a great selling point and adds value to your home.

Blower door test

A blower air test will measure and identify air leaks in your home.

On-the-spot improvements

Instant fixes like sealing air leaks and insulating hot water pipes to improve the overall comfort and efficiency of your home.

Heating and cooling systems evaluation and safety check

An energy expert will evaluate your home heating and cooling for efficiency and safety.

Home report

Detailed report of your home’s energy use and what additional improvements you can make.

Valuable rebates

The energy expert will provide you with the rebates you are eligible for.

We saved money with a home energy assessment.

Jason E.

The house is less drafty and it was cooler this summer. We feel that our air conditioning cools more quickly as well.

Neida O.

We're saving about $180 a year from the initial service and now we're looking forward to the wall insulation for even more savings.